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TYDC’s Youth Advisory Board is made up of 5 young people, chosen by the cohort, who are at different stages of their ‘Thrive journey’. It is really important to the TYDC staff that our young people are at the heart of our decision making and that they feel included and listened to with regards to direction that the programme takes. This programme is for our young people, decided by our young people and shaped by their needs.

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Hi I'm S-LF I'm 17 years of age and I'm from Guildford, Surrey. I've been apart of Thrive for quite some time now and would honestly say it's the best experience of my life. What I love about Thrive is the support, kindness, the willingness to learn from others and the care and willingness to go over things from the teachers. Thrive has impacted my life massively in the most positive way possible. It has helped me with my mental health and has physically saved my life. I wouldn't change it for the world

In the future I want Thrive to be able to grow as a community have more people join and find their passion and dance and realise that there is always a safe haven to go back to if it is needed. I would also like Thrive to continue and become an even bigger thing in the aspect of more people being aware of it.

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'My name is L.M.J and I'm from Guildford Surrey. I joined Thrive in 2019 and I've loved every minute of it. When I first joined Thrive I was really shy and didn't really have anyone I could trust. Now I know I've got loads of different people I can talk to. It's helped me with my mood and I've got a lot more positive with the way I am now. Thrive has made me better in myself. 

In the future I'd like Thrive to be able to help more people, I think it would be really cool if we could work with more schools.

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'I'm B.L.F and I'm from Alton, Hampshire. I'm 20 now ad have been with Thrive for 3 years. I joined during the 2nd academy and it's taught me so much about trust. It was really difficult at first, I was a bit uptight and tense, I didn't really trust anybody. Now I feel like Thrive is a second family. 

In the future I would like Thrive be run a third academy so more people can experience it. It really changed things for me, maybe it can help others too.

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My name is T.L, I'm 14 and I'm from Farnham, Surrey. I joined Thrive a year ago and I really love dancing. Before I came to Thrive I didn't really have any friends and really struggled meeting new people. Now I feel like I'm part of a group of people that care about me, that want to help me achieve.

In the future I would like Thrive to carry on as it is, I think it's great.

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I'm S.F and I'm 19 and I live in Guildford, Surrey. I joined Thrive about a year ago. I love coming to Thrive because I feel like it's been really good for my mental health but also I'm moving more and learning  about dance. The teachers are really supportive and I feel like I have a group of people I can talk to about anything. 

In the future I would like Thrive to have more performance opportunities.

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